Welcome to the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, established in 1754. It currently provides active spiritual support to over 10,000 persons in 60+ congregations, served by 38 pastors.

As a Protestant Denomination with more than five hundred years of history, the focus continues to be on faithful living and Christian unity. We encourage a life of faith through service to those in need, and our mission work is concentrated on the poor and the powerless.

The Moravian Church has always emphasized holistic ministry as an integral part of its mission. Current areas of work of the Moravian Church in Jamaica include primary, secondary and tertiary education, adult education, rural agricultural development in crops and livestock, rural and urban vocational training, health clinics, inner-city youth programmes, senior citizen care and radio ministry.

Our Motto “Our Lamb has Conquered, Let us Follow Him” serves us well every day.