FRIDAY REFLECTION – Outside of God, there is NO life, just mere existence

Friday Reflection
July 5, 2019

Outside of God, there is NO life, just mere existence 

The word for today:
‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’
Acts 17:28 NIV

Good day friends, 
Blessed Friday to you all… 
If a person is living and not merely existing that means he/she is spending life conveniently. However, Living is to make the most of life and to experience the beautiful reality of life as it is.Living means the actual existence of a being up to the fullest

Are you living or are you merely existing? This a question that each of us should ask ourselves. The answer to this question is heavily dependent on a number of factors, of which I will share only two. The two I find most important comes out of today’s text for reflection:
1. Outside of God, there is No life  In verses 25 -27of this same chapter, Paul exclaimed why outside of the true and living God there is no other God. He went on to establish the foundation of our lives and explained that it is God who gave us life. Brothers and sister these words speak for themselves, if it is God who made us and gave us life, outside of him, WE HAVE NO LIFE! 

2. We should know to whom we belong   I invite you to read the entire chapter as to get a clearer understanding of why Paul said “it is in God we live, move and have our being”. However, I will say to us today, that it is important to know where you are from and to whom you belong.
Society teaches us that this is how we form our Identity and begin to learn more about ourselves. So I say to you friends, be clear about who you are and who you belong to. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the same position as the people mentioned in this passage. They were worshipping UNKNOWN GODS! . THEY HAD NO IDENTITY! 

Untill next week, remember, outside of God there is no life, you are just merely existing 

Shaneka Raymore-Euphfa

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