FRIDAY REFLECTION – The God who bears us up DAILY

Friday Reflection

December 6, 2019

The God who bears us up DAILY

Season’s Greetings!!!!!

The word for today:
Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. Selah
Psalms 68:19 NRSV

Friends today I share with you from a place of praise. Like the Psalmist, I will bless the Lord who is daily bearing me up with his protective and providing arms. I was Soo tired last night that I was unable to begin, much more finish today’s Reflection  I made a decision that I will not write one today . However, the more I reflected on the text the more I felt compelled to write.

The following stood out in the text:
1. The Lord bears us up DAILY: Who can rise in the morning without God’s hand? How can we go through each day without the hands of the Lord guiding and protecting us?  There is absolutely no way we can make it on our own! I can tell you, some days I feel like I am going to pass out and then I literally feel the hand of God lifting me up! Oh what a feeling!!!

2. God is to be praised DAILY for his good works: Oftentimes we take for granted the daily benefits of God. We forget to give thanks the moment we rise; we forget to give thanks the moment we lay to rest. It is a privilege to go out and return home safely It is not to be taken for granted, and we should ensure we acknowledge God for he is the one who bears us up DAILY.

Untill next week friends,
Do not take for granted God’s daily benefits, he bears us up each and every day and for that we ought to give him PRAISE

Shaneka Raymore-Euphfa

THURSDAY REFLECTION – God speak in your silent moments

Thursday Reflection – December 5, 2019

God speak in your silent moments

“Now there was a great wind, so strong that it was splitting mountains and breaking rocks in pieces before the Lord , but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of sheer silence. 1 Kings 19:11-12 NRSVGreeting friends!

Elijah was at an all time low in his life. He felt alone, depressed, abandoned and like giving up. He felt as if what he was doing didn’t make sense, because the people were still worshipping Baal and there was no change despite the Lord revealing himself in such a mighty way in the previous chapter.In the previous chapter Elijah had a massive win over the prophets of Baal as God showed that he was the only God. A test was conducted to see which God was real. The test was to see which God could ignite the sacrifice that was offered. Baal couldn’t but God did in dramatic fashion. The prophets of Baal were then put to death. Jezebel, the Queen, hearing this made a vow to kill Elijah by the following day. 
Elijah hearing this ran away and became fearful, depressed, lonely, abandoned and despondent. He was met by an angel and given food for the journey. He then journeyed to Mt. Horeb, the same mountain Moses met God in the burning bush and received the Ten Commandments. Elijah went to one of the caved there and waited for the Lord. There was a great wind but God was not in the wind. An earthquake followed, but God was not in it. A fire after the earthquake came but God was not in that. Then after sheer silence a voice spoke in the silence.
The text is very deliberate in saying where God was not and where he was. Elijah was looking for some profound way to experience God maybe as he did at Mt Carmel in the chapter before. Elijah, as stated before, was at a low moment in his life and seeing God in the wind, fire or earthquake would have been profound, but that is not the point God is teaching Elijah. God is teaching Elijah that even in the silent moments of life where he feels alone, depressed and despondent God is still there in the silence.
Friends like Elijah we too have those moments when we feel alone, depressed, stressed, fearful, anxious and as if God is silent in our lives. There are times when we feel all hope is gone and it makes no sense we do anything at all. We shut down and cannot function, but I want to remind you that God is still God in the silent moments of life. God still speak words of reassurance. There are times when you are doing God’s will but faced with so much opposition that causes you to feel low, but hear God speak in the silence of that moment.
Friends I challenge us to be like Elijah. Leave all behind go up to the mountain and hear God speak in the silence of the moment.
Until next week listen to God speak in your silent moments.

Christopher Euphfa 

TUESDAY REFLECTION – God Protects and Provides for His Servants

Tuesday Reflection – December 03, 2019

God Protects and Provides for His Servants

Today’s Watchword comes from 2 Chronicles 14: 11, “Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you”. It is part of the prayer that King Asa of Judah prayed when they were besieged by an Ethiopian army that far outnumbered them. But who was this king who prayed on behalf of his people? King Asa started reigning after the death of his father, King Abijah. The great, great grandson of King David, Asa was a good king and had a peaceful reign of forty-one years. He began his reign by restoring the purity of the Jewish religion. He called Judah back to God. It is said he removed his own grandmother from the position of queen mother because she had introduced idol worship to the palace. He loved his Lord before anything else. 

We see in today’s text an example of a leader who prays. It’s always good when leaders pray. This sets the tone for those who follow. We see also from the text, a total dependence upon God. King Asa prayed from a position of submission to God’s will. He knew that without God’s help, Judah had no chance of being victorious against the Ethiopians. Note also, that the king prayed from a position of confidence. He knew who God was and he knew who he was. He knew God was a faithful God and he knew that he had been faithful to God. When a faithful person stands before our faithful God, there is nothing that will not be accomplished. In Matt 7: 8 the doctrinal text, Jesus said, everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. You see friends, our God rewards our faithfulness with his provision and protection. 

Don’t get me wrong now. It doesn’t mean that faithfulness will lead to the perfect life. The faithful are not promised exemption from trouble. Hezekiah was a faithful king but he faced troubles. Job was faithful and look what he endured. Paul was faithful and he was flogged and imprisoned many times. We will all go through something as long as we are faithful. Note however that those who are faithful receive a divine strength, protection and supernatural favor that those living away from God will never know. Asa prayed and God took charge of the battle, confusing the enemy in such a way led to their destruction. What the enemy owned became spoils of war for Judah. God provides for and protects those who trust in Him.I want to assure someone today that the forces building up against you, that the overpowering and overbearing presence in your way will not be able to stop you, will not be able to harm you. Those who seek your demise will be confused as they meet their defeat. Indeed ‘if God is for us, who can be against us?’ I encourage you therefore to remain faithful in prayer, faithful in service and faithful in living for our Lord. Your faithfulness is being rewarded and your needs will be provided for. Be faithful even as our God is faithful. Amen

Bevon White

MONDAY REFLECTION – Rising Above Fear and Dismay!

Monday Reflection – December 02, 2019

Rising Above Fear and Dismay!

Do not fear or be dismayed. Joshua 8:1

This charge, ‘do not fear’ is a recurring theme in the book of Joshua. When Joshua assumed leadership of the people of Israel, God spoke with him over and over challenging him to fear not and assuring him that God’s presence goes with him. However, in the context of today’s Watchword, Israel was trying to deal with failure and loss. Israel’s failure in its first assault upon Ai was the result of sin in the camp. One soldier had, in the previous assault upon Jericho, disobeyed God’s command not to take plunder from the city. As a result, he robbed the whole nation of God’s help and blessing when they went to war again, and they suffered a humiliating defeat, with the loss of thirty-six lives. However, Israel discovered the reason for their loss and, being zealous to find God’s favour again, disposed of the ill-gotten spoil and removed the sinner from their midst. The treacherous soldier, Achan, and his whole family were put to death.Now Israel was ready to mount another attack on the city of Ai. It was urgent to move quickly lest the news of Israel’s defeat reach the surrounding nations of Canaan and embolden them to unite and swarm ferociously upon the discouraged tribes. So the Lord spoke to Joshua again. He saw his servant as someone who had just learned a hard lesson—the price of success is perfect obedience to God’s direction. Overlooking just one detail of his marching orders is dangerous. Indeed, the failure made Joshua more humble; however, it also rekindled fear in him. Thus God spoke encouragingly to him, Do not fear or be dismayed”.Godfurther reassured him that victory at the city of Ai would be as complete as it was at the city of Jericho. Yet there would be one difference. The people would be permitted to keep whatever spoil they could find. The Commander in Chief, God, also gave Joshua a plan of attack. They were to divide their forces into two contingents. One would attack the city frontally. The other would lie in ambush beside the city. Victory was secured.

It is often very difficult to regain lost ground after a gruesome defeat or failure. How do we recover? How do we regain confidence and focus? We have failed many times in our Christian lives and sometimes we struggle to figure out how to get back on track. A good place to start is recognizing that what is past is past. We must deal with it before God in repentance and dying to self, and then look forward to what he has for us right now. We experience failures at work, school and all aspects of our lives. Let’s not get stuck there, but rise with a resilient spirit, anchored in the Lord. God wants us to use our failures in good ways; to use them as a foundation for great victory in the him. Indeed, we must use failures as teaching moments for great exploits ahead and rise above fear and dismay.

Jermaine Gibson