FRIDAY REFLECTION – The God who bears us up DAILY

Friday Reflection

December 6, 2019

The God who bears us up DAILY

Season’s Greetings!!!!!

The word for today:
Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. Selah
Psalms 68:19 NRSV

Friends today I share with you from a place of praise. Like the Psalmist, I will bless the Lord who is daily bearing me up with his protective and providing arms. I was Soo tired last night that I was unable to begin, much more finish today’s Reflection  I made a decision that I will not write one today . However, the more I reflected on the text the more I felt compelled to write.

The following stood out in the text:
1. The Lord bears us up DAILY: Who can rise in the morning without God’s hand? How can we go through each day without the hands of the Lord guiding and protecting us?  There is absolutely no way we can make it on our own! I can tell you, some days I feel like I am going to pass out and then I literally feel the hand of God lifting me up! Oh what a feeling!!!

2. God is to be praised DAILY for his good works: Oftentimes we take for granted the daily benefits of God. We forget to give thanks the moment we rise; we forget to give thanks the moment we lay to rest. It is a privilege to go out and return home safely It is not to be taken for granted, and we should ensure we acknowledge God for he is the one who bears us up DAILY.

Untill next week friends,
Do not take for granted God’s daily benefits, he bears us up each and every day and for that we ought to give him PRAISE

Shaneka Raymore-Euphfa

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