The Golden Age Home
3 St. Joseph’s Avenue
Kingston 03
Telephone: 1(876) 928-1017
1(876) 928-4312
1(876) 618-0021

On the night of May 20 1980, a conflagration of massive proportion destroyed a section of the Eventide Home. When the blaze was extinguished the nation was shocked with the news that some 150 elderly women who were occupants of the building, perished in the fire. Something had to be done to ensure that no such blot on those nations’ sensibilities would ever be repeated, as the potential for destruction, with loss of life still existed.A high-powered technical committee was organized by the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) to develop plans for the restoration of Eventide Home but, that was long after the benevolence of the Jamaican people was ignited to give aid.

A young radio-show host at RJR- Mr. Carlington Sinclair, called for support for fund created by that radio station to give assistance towards rehabilitation. It was the proceeds of that fund which were released to the GAH when it was opened and RJR became the lone Cluster Sponsor on opening day. The Committee established by the KSAC duly submitted its final report in September of 1980. Among the several recommendations made in that report was that the Eventide Home should be substantially restructured exactly where located, on Slipe Pen Road, Kingston.

Despite that particular recommendation it became quite clear as over a year passed, that Central Government was determined that no restructuring would take place at Slipe Pen Road. The resolve was further concretized by the private sector when on October 7, 1982; a company was registered in the name of Golden Age Home Limited. The company, Limited by guarantee, was comprised of nine members, known for their public spiritedness and capacity for hard work. They became the planning Committee for charting the course to the construction of a new facility for the elderly, after the site, 3 St. Joseph’s Avenue was acquired.

By the end of 1984, all; living accommodation was ready for occupancy. Built on a fenced four-acre plot, structures in groups of six buildings for 63 residents are arranged around a quadrangular courtyard. There are eight such groups, each called a Cluster, identified alphabetically A to H. Accommodation was being furnished and equipped, staff recruited and trained, systems and regulations formulated.

Recognizing that all selected staff were new to the type of operation they were about to embark on, a decision was taken early enough that a way had to be found to give at least some personnel even a minimal amount of real-time experience allowing for a systems test at the same time. Consequently, arrangements were made and in January of 1985, sixty-two occupants from Eventide Home, plus one new person from another community were admitted as residents to GAH. April 11, 1985, heralded the official opening of the GAH (a Limited Liability Company). All who saw what was physically available for residents left quite impressed. Sure there were shortcomings like no hand-rails in desired places, canteen and laundry facilities unfinished but this was still a work-in-progress.

When the guests departed, it was then the task of the appointed Chairman, the quite affable and renowned Sammy Henriques, his Board members and administration, to skilfully guide the affairs of GAH into the future.



The Golden Age home is established to provide residential care, meals and other welfare services for any adult in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew who may be partly or wholly destitute of the means of subsistence as a result of age, infirmity, mental or physical disability or for any other circumstances are unable to work and to earn the means of subsistence to care for him/herself.

The Golden Age Home is the largest infirmary in jamaica and the Caribbean with a population of over 450 residents and with the potential to faciliate almost 500 residents.