THURSDAY REFLECTION -Build each other in faith

Thursday Reflection – September 5, 2019

Build each other in faith

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

What is the purpose of fellowship in the body of Christ? It amazes me how we treat each other as believers of Jesus Christ. There are members who do not speak to each other, but during service they lift their hands in praise. There are members who speak negatively and maliciously of others behind their back, but in person smile with the person to indicate all is well. There are members who drive other members away, because they are different. There are members who lie, scheme, and criticize others so that they can be lifted up and others be brought down. These members claim to be part of the body of Christ. However, these actions do NOT represent the body of Christ.

As believers in Jesus we are called to build each other as iron sharpens iron. We are called to become believers who really care about others. Believers who genuinely love each other. Believers who support each other. Believers who put others above themselves. Believers who are willing to sacrifice what they have so that they can help others. Believers who love God with all their heart and not when it is convenient to them. Believers who are willing to speak the truth, but in love. Believers who do not tolerate sin. This is how we build each other up.  

The body of Christ is not a competition! No one is better than anyone. We are all equal; it is the same blood of Jesus that saved all of us. We are all meant to be winners. There is no first, second or third place. The pastor is equal to the one who cleans the church and the one who cleans the church is equal to the pastor. God doesn’t hold the pastor in higher regard than the one who cleans. God might give us different roles in the body of Christ, but all those roles add to making the body of Christ what it is.

Therefore, let us put away pride, status, and anything else that prevents us from building others in the body of Christ. It is my responsibility to encourage and build someone in the faith so that we both can grow strong together. Our common enemy is not each other, it is the forces of evil. So let us lift each other up in faith.

Until next week encourage someone today.

Christopher Euphfa 

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