THURSDAY REFLECTION – Everything we have belongs to God

Thursday Reflection – November 7, 2019

Everything we have belongs to God

For we are aliens and transients before you, as were all our ancestors; our days on the earth are like a shadow, and there is no hope. 1 Chronicles 29:15
King David wanted to build a house for the Lord, but God revealed that that responsibility belong to his son Solomon. That, however, did not prevent King David from laying the ground work for his son. He provided many of the materials needed in building the Temple where God would dwell. He also took from his personal gold and silver and contributed to the Temple. This action by David was a catalyst in others giving to the work of the Temple. After persons had committed to giving to the Temple, David prayed to the Lord before everyone.
In his prayer he blessed the Lord and  acknowledged that everything they gave and everything they have came from God. They are like aliens and transients before God just like their ancestors and their days on earth are like a shadow and there is no hope. 
David’s prayer highlighted a few observations about life that I want to point out. 1. God is the owner of everything we have.In giving back to the Lord, David in his own reflection through this prayer realized that everything he owned came from God. Although he gave back to God, what he was doing was giving back to God what already belonged to God. He realized that it is only through the blessings of God why we own material possession. So when we give to God we are truly giving God what belongs to him. 2. We are aliens on this earthKing David realized that this earth does not belong to him or anyone else except God. If nothing we have is from us then it only stands to reason that this earth that we live also does not belong to us; it belongs to God. Subsequently, we are aliens living on this earth and our time before God is short; it doesn’t last forever. As a result of this David points out that we have no hope. If we own nothing on this earth and this earth doesn’t belong to us then where is our hope? The answer to that is the grace of God. 
3. God is our everythingOur hope comes from the grace of God. We’re undeserving of what God has provided for us, but because of his love for us he continues to bestow his blessings on us. For many of us we can attest to the many provisions of God in our life. We own nothing yet we have so much to give God thanks for. This is why we shouldn’t be afraid to give back to God what belongs to God, because God continually provides for us. This is also why we should share with others, because God continues to share with us of what belongs to him. 
Let us like David acknowledge that we brought nothing into this world and all we have is from God, so we should freely give to God. 
Until next week give for God has blessed you.Christopher Euphfa

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