Thursday Reflection – October 10, 2019

Lord forgive me

“I will heal their disloyalty; I will love them freely.” Hosea 14:4

Sin… It is so rampant in our society. There is hardly a place we can go without seeing its ugly face. We see it in the workplace and at home. We see it in our communities and at school. We see it at church and even in ourselves. The people of Israel had sinned and turned away from God.  The upper class were doing well, but they oppressed the poor. The people chased after other loves such as power, pleasure, money and recognition. The temptations of the world became seductive to these people of God and this resulted in disloyalty to God.

God through Hosea called the people to repentance. He called them to leave their position of status, power, pleasure, money and recognition. Instead of trusting in the so-called “mighty” of this world and self-created idols, God challenged them to trust in Him; the one that saves. If the people repent and leave this lifestyle behind, then God will heal their disloyalty and love them freely.

As we dive into text for today I want us to reflect on the two phrases made. I begin with the latter first:

 I will love them freely

Sin hampers the free love of God. God has so much love for us that it is unimaginable; we cannot even begin to fathom it. But when we sin it begins to strain the love God has for us. God’s love is like any other relationship. Once a partner is disloyal in the relationship it puts a strain on the relationship and makes it harder for pure, wholesome love to take place. What joy it is when we love without fear or consequences. What happiness there is when no party have to worry about unfaithfulness, vulnerability, being hurt or taken advantage of? When that is done we are able to love freely. This is just a small glimpse into the type of free love God has for us, but when sin is active it slowly erodes that love to the point of punishment. When we confess our sins God is able to love us freely. It is a love that cannot truly be explained, but only felt. It is just amazing.

God will heal their disloyalty

There is nothing more difficult to deal with in a relationship than disloyalty. The people of Israel were disloyal to God, for they found pleasure, comfort, and security in their status, wealth, political relations, and idols. They placed these things above God. They cheated on God with things that were temporal. Just imagine, God has been faithful in all his endeavors, but this was not enough as the people sought a physical high. How often do we abandon God for this things we love to do?

 God encouraged the people to repent and he will heal their disloyalty. In this relationship with God, he forgives our deepest transgression. It is not easy to forgive someone who hurts you and sometimes even after you forgive that person there is still a strain on the relationship as things will never be the same. Here, God does not hold our sins against us.  He forgives us and heal our broken relationship with Him. He restores it to its factory setting of love.  

When we sincerely ask God’s forgiveness He releases that overwhelming feeling love that heals our broken relationship with him. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Until next week never be afraid to sincerely confess your sins.  

Christopher Euphfa 

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