THURSDAY REFLECTION – The forever faithful God

Thursday Reflection

June 20, 2019

The forever faithful God

Even when you turn gray I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and I will save.  Isaiah 46:4

The Lord was speaking to the people of Israel as he proved that the gods of Babylon were worthless and no comparison to him. They trusted the gods of Babylon for protection, but these same gods were taken into captivity with all who placed their trust in them.

It was God who took care of them before birth and after birth. It wasn’t the idols of the Babylonians. God also made it clear that he will be the one who takes care of them when they turn old and gray.

The Lord said this for he was ready to save them and rescue you them from bondage, but they had to put their trust in God. So the Lord reminded them that he is God and that his faithfulness will never change.

As we look on the verse the Lord makes a prophetic statement; one that is for the future. “Even when you turn gray I will carry you”. As I reflect on this statement it makes me wonder how do we treat the elderly- those who are unable to help themselves as before. In some instances we grow weary in caring for them. In extreme instances we neglect them. The reality is barring death at an early age, we will all grow old and for some of us we will reach the stage where we will not be able to help ourselves as we used to. For some of us we’ll become a burden to others and others of us will be neglected.

Despite this we do not have to be afraid of being gray and old. Here is the assurance of God’s faithfulness, “Even when you turn gray I will carry you.” In other words even when you become a burden to others in your gray state, you’re not a burden to God. Even though others might abandon you, God will not abandon you.

Instead God says he will carry you. When you’re not able to go on your own and face each day on your own God will carry you. God will bring you through each day. God made us so God will care for us throughout our entire lifetime once we put our trust in God. God said it in the verse before. He made you and has been caring for you from before your birth. So why would he stop caring for you when you’re old and gray?

God is forever faithful! Throughout the lifetime of our ancestors God has been faithful and God will be faithful throughout our lifetime and he will be faithful throughout the lifetime of those not yet born. All we need to do is put our trust in God and God will take care of the rest. God will save us.

Until next week put your trust in God who is forever faithful.

Christopher Euphfa 

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