Tuesday Reflection – July 09, 2019

God Offers Life!

Today’s Watchword comes from Amos 5: 4. Thus says the Lord, ‘Seek me and live!’ Known as the prophet of Doom, Amos did not mince words when it came to calling Israel to repentance. Unlike many of the Old Testament prophets, Amos was not from a family of prophets or from a school of prophets. He was a farmer by profession. He made it clear that he was not trained to be a prophet but God had called him and sent him to proclaim his message that God offers life.

We learn from Amos’ prophesies that God was tired of his people’s lack of love for each other. They took advantage of each other and did not practice being good neighbors. In fact they had become a selfish people, looking out only for their self-interests. As a result of their sins, God made them know through the prophet that they were doomed, they would be destroyed. Many calamities had befallen them but it had not been enough to cause them to return to God. The final warning now comes in chapter 4: 12 ‘prepare to meet thy God’. When people fail to heed God’s warning their situation will become worse and God withholds his mercy from them. Remember the man at the pool in John 5? After he was healed Jesus said to him  “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” (14). Through today’s watchword, Amos offers an escape from God’s anger. ‘Seek God and live.’ Along with God’s passing of judgement comes the offer of hope for those who would repent. There are many parallels between Amos’ time and today. Our society is in danger of being destroyed by sinfulness. The message of Amos is as relevant today as it was then. Seek God and live for God offers life.  Seeking God is vital to our faith. We cannot truly know God unless we seek Him. Speaking through Jeremiah in ch 29: 13, God said, ‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”. Seeking God means turning away from this world and seeking a relationship with God. It is finding our completion in Him. It is knowing that all that we need, our fulfillment, our help, our strength, comes from our God. To seek God is therefore to seek a complete life, life at its fullest and best. Such seeking takes energy and faith and should not be seen as light duty. It demands our all for it results in our finding our all in all. It is no wonder that it is in seeking God that we find life, for to the person employed in seeking God, life can never be the same. In seeking God there will be great improvement in our quality of life for God offers life at its best for those who seek Him. Seek God and live. Amen.
Bevon White

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