TUESDAY REFLECTION – Restored Through Christ

Tuesday Reflection – April 14, 2020

Restored Through Christ

In Isaiah 50 we are made to understand that God is justified in his judgements. We read in chapter 51 however, that even in the face of God’s wrath, he has reserved mercy and hope for his servants, for those who have not turned their backs on him. It gives comfort especially during times of uncertainties. Note that the word of God has always been, and continues to be, a source of comfort, especially during times of distress. Today’s watchword offers us hope that God is never far from what is happening and has indeed made provisions for the faithful to be restored through Christ. Isaiah 51: 5 ‘“My righteousness is near, My salvation has gone forth, And My arms will judge the peoples’ 

God offers us two rays of hope through this text. Firstly, God’s righteousness and salvation has not been withdrawn but are always near to His people. Secondly, God’s judgement is passed on the unbelieving. If you have been following the Daily Watchword you would have found that somehow the selection of texts, done a year or more ago, speaks directly to the situation that the world is facing in the here and now. Isn’t it amazing how God preselected the words of assurance that we would need in this crisis? Today is no different. We are being assured that God has not left us but is even closer to us now that we need His presence more than ever. Indeed his righteousness is near and His salvation has already been assured. If we understand this to be the case then we will further understand that God’s judgement is never for the purpose of destroying His people or any people for that matter. God’s judgement should serve the purpose of causing us to turn, through repentance, to accepting his righteousness and salvation. To dig a little deeper, righteousness as used in this verse is better translated righteous one. The righteous one of God is near. There is no doubt that this refers to Jesus Christ. It is through Him that God offers salvation to the world. Thus with the righteous one comes God’s salvation. Paul referred to the Gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ, in Romans 1: 16 as the power of God unto salvation to all who believe. He further stresses in ch. 8 that nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. This good news strengthens us each day as we see the discouraging world news and as we watch the statistics climb. We who have been saved from God’s judgment through the righteousness and salvation from Christ, are assured of safety, sanctuary and serenity even in the midst of the worst pandemic we have ever seen. I give thanks for the many testimonies of God’s grace and favor that we have heard. God uses every situation that arises to the advantage of His people. Many churches have been able to reach many more persons through online worship than they did before they had to close the physical doors. Many Christian healthcare workers have been able for the first time in years, to openly minister to and pray for sick persons and coworkers without the fear of being fired. Families are bonding, broken marriages are being repaired. Communities have found innovative ways to care for each other and there are many plans for persons to meet face to face when this is all over. The Holy Spirit has been moving in ways we never imagined in all that is happening, bringing healing to a broken people and planet. Indeed, God has always had a plan in place for such a time as this, a plan that took shape on a cruel cross, was fulfilled with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and continues to give hope through the message of the Gospel, ‘the Lord is risen indeed’. Truly, his righteous and salvation are never far away and continues to save fallen humanity from God’s judgment. May we continue not only to embrace the hope of the gospel, but to also share the good news for the sake of the salvation of all, bringing healing through hope and life everlasting to a hurting world. Amen 
Bevon White

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