Tuesday Reflection – September 24, 2019

The Heart Knows

Ever heard the statement, ‘the heart knows’? The full phrase is, ‘the mind reasons, but the heart just knows’. We reason and rationalize from the mind. For many persons that is the seat of decision making. If we cannot reason it through, seeing all the progress and pitfalls, we will not venture out. The mind cautions us to be safe in all that we do. It is there that we think, argue and reason. If we follow our minds, we will not take chances. It is purely logic that the mind engages in, keeping us grounded and giving us sanity in a rather insane world. The heart on the other hand is more about feelings than logic. It is described as the wisest part of the human body. The heart is the seat of misery, intuition, adrenaline, and strength. It is the heart that gives meaning to what we do, even when we think that our words or actions are meaningless. It’s important for us to listen to both heart and mind in order to be a well-rounded person. 

In today’s Watchword the Lord speaks through the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 24: 7.  I will give them a heart to know that I am the Lord. This promise of God was for the children of Israel in captivity. It was God’s assurance that a people, disobedient and taken away from their homeland, would still find favor with their God. Yes they would face hardships, yes they would feel abandoned, yes they would be mocked and jeered to the point of feeling neglected and despondent, but they were to know that all hope would not be lost for God would reveal himself to them in the depths of their hearts. This is exactly what happened friends. For that reason Daniel refused to stop worshipping, for that reason Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow, for that reason Esther stepped forward and for that reason the Jews, when finally given permission, chose to leave Babylon behind and return to Israel. When we have a knowledge of God in our hearts, it propels us along a faith journey that goes beyond any intellectual understanding or reasoning. This is the journey we are on as Christians. Not one of proof, or of sound rationale, but one of faith, a faith born out of a knowledge of God in our hearts. 

In a world that constantly demands proof, that seeks to reason and rationalize everything, this is outright crazy, but to us who know the joys, blessings and pleasures of walking with our Lord, it is a matter of knowing that nothing that reason comes up with can move us to abandon what God has placed in our hearts. If our senses, reasoning and fears are the only guides we have to look back on in life, then we have not truly lived. When the heart knows God and we follow our heart, we follow God’s leading. When the heart knows God we have the assurance that even when we can’t seem to reason it through, even when we can’t seem to make sense of it, our godly heart guides us. Gal 4: 6  for God has sent the Spirit of His son into our hearts crying Abba! Father! We should not neglect the reasoning and rationalizing of the mind, but when the heart has received the revelation of the knowledge of Christ, we can sincerely trust the leading of the heart, for the heart knows. Amen.   

Bevon White 

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