TUESDAY REFLECTION – Trusting God for the New Year

Tuesday Reflection – January 07, 2020 

Trusting God for the New Year 

The prophet Zechariah was born during the Babylonian exile and returned to Jerusalem during the time of the rebuilding. He prophesied at a time when the question of the day was whether to rebuild the temple or to rebuild the walls protecting the city. Zechariah receives a vision, his third, in which he sees a man measuring the city. As he measures, presumably to begin the construction of the protective walls, the Lord speaks to him. He is told that the city of Jerusalem will not need a wall because God will protect it himself and will be the glory in her midst. Today’s watchword is from Zechariah 2: 5. For I,’ says the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire all around Jerusalem’. 

Can you see what was happening here friends? One group of the people were concerned about their safety and decided that the best option would be to repair the walls first. That would guarantee their protection from the many enemies without and give them the time needed to reconstruct the temple and the rest of the city. The other group was convinced that if they rebuilt the temple first, the presence of God in their midst would offer them more protection than any physical wall could. This is not much different from the way we reasons today. There are those who put their security in physical things. Their jobs, their doctors, their physical structures, their wealth, and I could go on. Such persons feel lost without these physical securities for they represent their strength, their future and their longevity. They live their lives worrying about the security of these assets. Then there are those who place their trust fully in the Lord. Possessions are but tools to be used in God’s service and there will be nothing withheld from Him. This is total surrender and complete trust. While the group that depends on the physical security will be structured in their giving and service and always worried for their security, the group that completely trusts will be like the widow who gave everything, leaving their provision and protection to God. Which group do you fall in? The other aspect of the text is the limitations of our own visions versus God’s extensive plan. While the group that wanted to rebuild the wall was concerned about protecting those who were inside, God’s plan was for the growth and expansion of the city. The physical walls would not be able to contain the spiritual city that God was in the process of building. When our vision is limited, our efforts will not be far reaching or as impactful as they can be. We will waste valuable time worrying about the things that God has promised to take care of for us. If you worry easily, I implore you, replace your worry with trust. Worrying is lack of trust in God and says we place more trust in our own abilities than in God’s faithfulness. We cannot add days to our years by worrying. Matt 6: 27. So today if you have issues that you are trying to work through, or just a few thing on the mind to sort through, or even if you are just dealing with something, I say to you stop building that protective wall and find peace, presence and protection in the temple, the presence and plan of God. The Lord’s promise is to surround his beloved with a protective wall of fire. This wall will expand as the city grows. Today we too are surrounded by that protective wall and as such we have no need to worry but in faith we can ‘cast all our cares on the Lord, because He cares for us’. The doctrinal text is a fitting mantra as we go through today and indeed this new year. Whenever you become afraid, whenever you begin to doubt, whenever you become worried just whisper this question form the apostle Paul in Rom 8: 31: ‘If God is for us, who is against us?’.  Amen.
Bevon White

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